Sports in the Renaissance Era

When discussing the most watched sports, often looking only at the worldwide viewership. However, there are other more metrics that can 꽁머니 measure such things as TV contracts, sponsorships, television audiences, and even live spectators, but primarily focused upon how many folks actually think themselves enthusiasts of those sports. I’d say that the most watched sports tend to fall into one of 3 categories – American football, baseball, or basketball. The three sports have a fan base, which is highly loyal and dedicated, especially compared to many other sports, but also have a following which is only just growing because of the current crop of great athletes currently playing the sport. It’s not unlike the highly popular football in the United Kingdom – “arsenals” has a passionate following even when matches are not going as well for the home side. Similarly, baseball has a devoted following in Japan and China, where the game isn’t widely watched outside of major cities such as Tokyo and Singapore.

This highly subjective nature of sports contributes to a highly subjective view of the sports themselves. We can draw conclusions based upon our own observations of the athletes and their skills and performances, but opinions differ based upon individual opinions about what sports are “real” and have a larger influence over how we view the athletes and the sports themselves. Fans may cheer for a player based upon a performance, but their actions on the field can make a completely different story. For instance, Tiger Woods’ recent cheating scandal with Caddie Bear led to his removal from the all-star game and sparked a long-term discussion of whether or not sports stars can change the values and principles of the game by unethical actions.

Other popular metrics that gauge the popularity and audience share of different sports include the ratings on major networks and websites which provide data on the amount of time audience spend watching sports on different devices. Data on online engagement also proves to the public the passion that sports enthusiasts have for their favorite teams and athletes. The website ESPN even uses a complicated formula to calculate the viewership of any given game. While data on viewership is useful to marketers looking to understand where their audiences are tuning in and how they act when watching certain sporting events, it is often much less reliable in relation to other metrics.

A key difference between sports which was common in the early and late 19th century and modern sports is the level of global awareness. In the early and middle parts of the century, sports were a part of everyday life for many people across different nationalities and ethnicities. However, with the passage of time, the focus on sports as a serious game became more entrenched. Many sports became an international event and competitions were held internationally. For example, the Football Association (FA) started the World Cup tournaments in 1992, which has become one of the most attended events every year.

Today’s modern sports world, on the other hand, is often characterized by short, intense physical contests. This has been brought about primarily by the development of better artificial and physical surfaces for sports games, such as football and baseball. It is also made possible due to technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence, which enables computers to simulate human movements, such as running, jumping and throwing. Computer simulations have also helped sports fans to predict outcomes of real-time sports competitions. This is not only limited to games played in a virtual arena; the predictions are also made for sports events taking place in real arenas or stadiums, such as the Formula One races in different parts of the globe. As more sophisticated and realistic artificial and physical venues are developed, sports that were once relegated to the realm of men’s sports are now becoming mainstream forms of competition.

Sports which were once regarded as men’s sports are now attracting women to participate in them, which is evident in the popularity of the Womens’ National Soccer Team (WNSA). Likewise, female athletes are also enjoying sports recreation through participation in organized sports events such as athletics, track and field, swimming and sailing. Furthermore, sports which were considered to be masculine are making efforts to be more accessible to female participants. Women now have a place in almost any sport imaginable and they have gained the equal right to participate as men do. Sports which were once looked down upon due to their masculine nature are enjoying an awakening as sport becomes a part of every person’s life, from young kids to old retirees. Sports in the renaissance are more popular than ever!